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Open Studio, October 14-15, 2023

October 14-15, 10am-4pm, 3109 E Union, Seattle (Madrona neighborhood)

Please join me at the studio of Artist Jacqui Beck along with Margaret Fitzgerald, Amanda Sargent and Christian Gollub for fabulous art, jewelry, and gifts as well as warm apple cider, lively conversation and lots of fun!

I’ll have new work to share, older work marked down so I can make room for new ideas and fresh beginnings, plus I’ll be showing pieces that I don’t normally take to the gallery for one reason or another. I'll also have a spot set up to demo my gel plate printmaking.

But if you’re out of town or simply can’t make it, don’t feel bad. You can still get 25% off my limited edition cyanotype prints through October 31st, or if you're interested, I’d be happy to schedule a private studio visit for you another time.

More About the Open Studio Artists

Jacqui Beck

I met Artist, Jacqui Beck in person when I joined Columbia City Gallery in spring of 2023, but had admired her work long before then. Jacqui is a prolific mixed media artist working primarily in acrylic and collage. Her work has a dreamlike quality, rich in symbolism often featuring cats and/and chickens, which she loves. She is also a creative coach, a generous teacher and is hired regularly to speak on the topic of art and creativity. Her website is where you can see more of her work and check to see if she has classes coming up.

Christian Gollub

Christian is the jeweler in our group and he has been busy making one-of-a-kind, gorgeous pieces for our Open Studio. Crystal, ametyhyst, citrine, pearls, turquoise, hematite, czech glass… you name it, he puts precious and semi-precious stones and metals together in stunning combinations. You can get a wonderful sneak peek on his instagram page.

Margaret Fitzgerald

Half the fun of doing these events is making new friends and Margaret immediately felt like a kindred spirit. I love the ethereal quality of her abstract artwork that is often accented with botanical imagery, the female form or animals. Whatever she blends into her creative scenes, the outcome is inviting and soulful. You can see more on her website

Amanda Sargent

Another artist whose work is rich with animal imagery, birds in particular, I think you'll also enjoy the diversity of Amanda's work. I especially enjoy her incredible use of deep, vibrant color combinations and bold shapes. Take a look at Amanda's instagram page for an idea of her talent but in person will be even more compelling.

Liz St. Andre

That's me! If you've read this far there's a good chance you already know me… but if not, you can learn more about me on my About page. Better yet, please come meet me and the other artists on the weekend of October 14-15, 2023.

You can find us at 3109 E Union, Seattle WA


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