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Liz St. Andre Art

Bringing the outside in,
layer by layer...

About the Artist

“My goal is to honor the magnificence of the natural world. I’m endlessly inspired by plants, from planting the seeds to making my art with the leaves and flowers.”

Liz St.Andre’s garden is an extension of her studio. Specializing in a modern printmaking approach without a press, Liz uses a Gel plate with her hands as the press. She also makes art using an antique photographic process known as Cyanotype. Every piece becomes a collaboration with Mother Nature.


In addition to her online shop, Liz's art can be seen at the following Seattle galleries: Venue Gallery (Ballard), Queen Anne Frame & Gift, and Columbia City Gallery.

About Liz's Process

Cyanotypes are also known as sun-prints. Activated by UV light, they are a form of alternative photography. Liz adds different materials to her cyanotypes, varies exposure times, and experiments with different plant materials to achieve unique effects in her work. 

View Liz's original cyanotypes and limited-edition prints

Liz's Acrylic Monotypes are created with a Gel plate. She places botanicals onto the painted plate, smooths paper over it and then pulls it up, revealing a layer of paint on the paper. Depending on the colors, textures, and transparency of each paint layer, she may repeat this process five or six times. Or it may only take once or twice until Liz achieves the level of depth, interest and texture she's looking for.

View Liz's Original Acrylic Monotypes

Giving Back

Supporting Environmental Conservation

A portion of Liz's sales are regularly donated to the North Cascades Institute. Their mission is to inspire environmental stewardship through transformative learning experiences in nature. They offer classes,  family weekends and opportunities to explore along the shores of Diablo Lake using the Institute as a comfortable, environmentally-friendly home base in the heart of the Cascades. Learn more HERE

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