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Life on Earth: curiosity wonder appreciation


Columbia City Gallery - 4864 Rainier Ave S, Seattle - Open Wed - Sun 11-6

May 8, 5-6:30 MUSE MINGLE is a gathering and discussion for Art Lovers, Patrons and Artists led by fellow artist Saundra Fleming. Jacqui Beck and I will be joined by other guests to to talk about our current art practices and what’s coming up for each of us. 

This is also your first chance to view our new show on opening day.


Join us for light refreshments, wine and community to celebrate the opening of our show and the work by artists featured in our community gallery.


This upcoming show features two collections and I'm excited about this new direction. One group is more bold and crisp with clean lines and sharper details while the other has much more painterly marks and soft edges. Both still feature familiar scenes from my beloved garden but I feel like this is an interesting step in my artistic evolution. Here's a closer look:

Open Air, mixed media cyanotype on canvas

All at Once, mixed media acrylic on canvas


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