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Misty Dawn was the first of my series on this magnificent, large scale paper and I went all out, trying all of my favorite experimental cyanotype techniques on it. The paper now tells the story of multiple exposures, additions of turmeric, a spray of vinegar and soap bubbles dispersed over on the next exposure. All of these elements have a powerful impact.


The composition, a profusion of Bishop's Cap and delicate grasses, was thoughtfully placed the same way they appear in my garden, with slender flowering stalks reaching for the sun. Because of the length of time required for this cyanotype to process in the warm summer sun, there was time for the delicate cap-like flowers to release their tannins onto the paper, resulting in lovely marks where the flowers had been pressed (this effect is called an eco-print).


Original cyanotype on 22x30" 100% cotton Canson Edition paper with two deckled edges.

Misty Dawn original unframed cyanotype, large

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