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Lovely peony blossoms were used to make this wet cyanotype, leaving behind their bold outlines as well as transparent layers of petals on the blooms and falling down the sides. Art is 12x18" on 140 pound watercolor paper.

Peony Party

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  • The alchemy of cyanotypes is a big part of the fascination with them. The colors are basically iron salts, sitting on the paper's surface. Original cyanotypes kept in the right conditions can last for hundreds of years. Here are some recommendations to be aware of:

    • UV-protective glass is recommended when framing. As with most art, long-term exposure to strong, direct UV light can fade cyanotypes. Daylight is fine but an extremely sunny room such as a conservatory could be problematic. However, if you notice fading, placing the print in a dark drawer for several days should regenerate the blue color.
    • Original cyanotypes are not recommended for rooms subject to high humidity. Excess moisture can affect the paper and damage the print.

    No issues have been reported by Liz's collectors, so please don't be put off buying an original cyanotype. These recommendations are provided only to ensure that you'll be able to enjoy them for many years to come. 

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