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Eucalyptus Collection

Made using eucalyptus branches, acrylic paint and brown paper bags, these original monoprints tell a story of creative reuse, appreciating the beauty in imperfection, and recognizing the abundance around us even when times feel challenging.

During the difficult winter of 2020, when Covid-19 kept us confined and everyone was being so careful that we couldn’t even take reusable bags to the grocery store, we collected a lot of paper grocery bags. Turns out, those bags are a wonderful surface for drawing, painting and printmaking. The slightly rough surface, earthy natural color and even the structural folds of the bags lend to the aesthetic of these richly textured monoprints.

Each print measures approximately 8x10 inches and comes with a white backing board and white mat for easy placement into an 11x14" frame. The mat creates a more "finished" look if a clean edge is preferred. However, you may certainly choose to not use the mat and leave the edges of the offset printing marks and brown kraft paper showing if a more rustic look is desired.

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