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Back in the 1840s, Anna Atkins printed the first ever book of photography using the cyanotype process. She used dried seaweed specimens and pinned them in place while they processed in the sun. My seaweed was fresh from the Salish sea, rather slippery (and a little bit stinky!) to work with. Still, it was a lot of fun collecting and composing these bits of algae that had washed up onto the beach. Unlike Atkins' very detailed, scientific renderinings, mine turned out looking rather abstract but I'm happy with the results and wouldn't even want to try to compare with her original perfection.


  • Set of 5 cards (printed on post-consumer recycled paper) comes in a clear compostable sleeve made from plant materials. Cards measure approximately 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and come with kraft brown envelopes.

"Intertidal" cyanotype card set

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